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Sachin Tendulkar – Cricket to Golf?

Sachin Tendulkar has arguably had the most amazing career in cricket, and with the millions of his fans watching he departed the cricket test arena in his 200th test. The 40 year old is the worlds leading point scorer in both forms of the game, and it was his...
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Teach Yourself Attitude

  Golf Tip written by Horizon Ambassador Hamish Robertson . Putting Tip Number 4: Your nearly there, we only have two more tips as part of this 5 tip putting series. So far: Putting with a square putter face Getting your eyes over the ball Finding your best putting arc...
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Welcome Sarah Bradley

New Member to the Team Sarahs Horizon Profile Horizon Golf would like to welcome Rookie Professional Sarah Bradley to the Ambassador Team. Sarah has some incredible stories to share through her journey of life and golf. Sarah is Horizon Golf’s first female Ambassador and has already been a part...
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