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Teach Yourself Attitude

  Golf Tip written by Horizon Ambassador Hamish Robertson . Putting Tip Number 4: Your nearly there, we only have two more tips as part of this 5 tip putting series. So far: Putting with a square putter face Getting your eyes over the ball Finding your best putting arc...
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What is the best time to play golf in New Zealand?

. Definitely closer to the summer months is best. Any time from December to March is a great time of the year and the weather is about 20 -26 degrees celsius during the day. With over 400 golf courses, New Zealand is a golfer’s paradise. Regardless of your budget...
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A Taste Of The Horizon Golf Experience

The team have put together a taste of the Horizon Golf holiday experience. Neil Hildebrand, Tim Robinson and Joe McKendrick took a moment to sit down with Todd and reflect on what their trips with Horizon Golf have been like and what continually makes it memorable for them each...
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Special golfing memories with HGT

Horizon Golf Tours presents a small taste of what makes them unique.
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